We are and we stay here!

The project We stay! (Wir bleiben!) will be finished in December 2013.
We stay! a political project of a special kind: refugees became active journalist and spoke for themselves. A possibility that is usually forbidden to foreigners. Refugees are underrepresented in the media in Austria, as they would not be here. They appear normally in the news only when they are dead.
Journalist or human rights activists or both discuss about refugees and how their deaths could have been avoided in Lampedusa. Brussels and Rome blame each other, as if it was a tennis ball. Asylum seekers are seldom to be seen in person, because they are quartered where also garbage incineration plants are built – far away from the residential areas.

It is possible in this case to see and hear what the team of We stay! did in this participative project.
On 24th of October FREIRAD 105.9 brought these refugees from „hidden“ places in Innsbruck and other areas to the stage of the p.m.k.. On that day, the editorial group of the project, we stay! presented himself and the result of five months of work.

10 shows were produced by and for refugees about the following topics:
Integration, language and alphabetization, the right to get a translator, homophobia and homosexuality as a reason to escape, illegal refugees, rights and obligations of refugees and preparing for interview in Bundesasylamt.

Moreover, in the framework of the project we stay! was created a list of important contact points for refugees in Tyrol. You can find the list in www.wir-bleiben.at in different languages under „Beratungsstellen“(counseling). This list was recorded by the members of the project. You can listen to it on the first and second Saturdays of the month at 9 o’clock on FREIRAD 105.9.

Each first Saturday of the month at 9 o’clock: „Beratungsstellen“ in German, French and Arabic.
Each second Saturday of the month at 9 o’clock: „Beratungsstellen“ in English, Dari, Spanish and Portuguese.

All the radio shows are in the archive of the Free Radios of Austria in the serial program: Wir bleiben! (We stay!) in cba.fro.at
Free to listen, download and link!

In the name of the team of We stay! I hope you enjoy listening to the shows. If you learn something new from the shows, then we have achieved our goal. But anyway we had already achieved it, because at least 10 of the 1520 people who are currently living in Tirol under the basic services as asylum seekers, became visible.

Sónia Melo on behalf of the Wir bleiben-Team:
Mathias Althaler, Mirwais Amin, Abbas Aminzade, Varsenik Andresian, Ara Arakelyan, Fardin Bayat, Rocío Cachada Dibuja, Ara Gevorgyan, Ali Kadhim, Aina Matueva, Sónia Melo, Mahmud Niasi

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